The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. – Carl Jung

How true these words are! It’s an old adage “Necessity is the mother of Creation”…I agree but there is more to it. In moments of necessity where we do we get our ideas from? I used to wonder (till a few years back) how is it that when under duress, our mind acts with such clarity and precision. Can we then give the credit to “survival instinct” alone? Well, I guess not…like I said earlier; there’s more than meets the eye.

In times of extreme duress, we rely more on instincts because we actually do not have time to analyse what information we get from our brains. Why then is it that these decisions are more often than not life-saving in so many ways; whether it is professionally or personally. We all have an inner voice – a voice of our higher consciousness – a voice of intuition if you please which always speaks to us. Now what we choose to do with those suggestions is another matter altogether. Like any other aspect of human anatomy, our intuition can also be honed. Angels, Ascended Masters and all other Divine entities speak to us through this inner voice and to listen to their voice, we need to calm the noises of the active brain.

When we allow our creative mind to come into play, we need to also keep an eye out for the logical mind as it may cast clouds of judgement and doubt on the creativity. This is exactly what happens naturally in situations where we are too caught up to allow the logical mind to make the decisions. Creativity is the product of the Lucid mind.

Why else would they say “Miracles are acts of faith” Faith often is not logical. Having said that, we cannot disregard our logical mind as it plays a very important part in creating a structure. I am merely saying that it is important to be open to creative ideas and solutions. Sometimes, the reason why things are not working out is because we got to simply stop being in control and allow the Universe to create Magic 🙂 If you can visualize it, you can actualize it. There is nothing that the mind thinks which does not get created in the end. Let’s remember that what is today a “Given” was once a figment of “Active Imagination” and today we are better off because someone did visualize it 🙂 (Some examples would be the Aircrafts, Mobile phones, even a heart transplant for that matter)

Three Cheers to the Dreamers for their dreams propel the Universe to expand and make way for the dreams to turn into reality!!!


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