When We “Release”, We “Receive”

While I was doing an Angel Card reading today, what came to me were these words: “When you Release you Receive”…..”Beautiful” is what I thought it was. You cannot possible buy something new for yourself if your wardrobe is filled to capacity. You have to give things away for more things to come in. Likewise if you are already filled with thoughts and ideas, how can you make space for new ideas or thoughts to come in?

Best things in life happen when we surrender yet this innate need to control is what drives us. It is so difficult for us to fathom the fact that when we worry, we create more of it, when we panic we create more of it……. as they say… flows where attention goes. I have met people who intellectually believe in the power of manifestation or what most people refer to as “Law of Attraction” however the essence of the concept is missing. For creation to take place, absolute belief is the base; when we question ourselves or ridicule ourself within, we are manifesting what we do not want. Universal laws are without prejudice or bias; it’s like the “Law of Gravity” where whoever falls from above………….falls; whether you are a life saver or a life taker…if you fall…you fall.

When we are worried about getting late, wanting to be on time would not help us; what we are thinking about the most is what we are creating whether we do it consciously or unconsciously hence we get late. The funny thing is after that happens we find people saying ” being positive doesn’t help” when in reality they were constantly worried about how late they were getting so those thoughts created the reality of getting late.


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