Energy Flows where Attention Goes

Just like a pond which is filled with Lotus Blooms, our heart is filled with blooms like Love, Happiness, Abundance, Humor, Trust and so many more. Needless to say we do have weeds too but then we cannot have a garden and not have weeds. The point is do we spend time fretting about the weeds or enjoy the quaint beauty of the Lotus flowers? In that answer lies magic…yes magic which creates what we want in life……remember “Energy flows where Attention goes” so as long as we have our sights set on the Lotus, we’ll always have a pond full of them. This is how the Law Of Attraction works, if we are filled with gratitude for the beauty in our lives, then our lives will be filled with more and more of beauty to have gratitude for. Likewise, if we focus on all things which are not going right in our lives and worry about them then we will attract more of situations which will create more worries for us. 

Our Mind is a sacred place and needs to be treated with respect. You have all the rights to reserve admission to thoughts that make you happy. It is absolutely amazing to actually realize our power to manifest…power to create and thoughts are our tool to do that.


Happy Thinkin……..


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