A beautiful poem


by Liza Fox


“Do you believe in fairies?”

“Do you believe they’re real?”

My little girl placed her hand in mine

Looking up through lashes fine

Her eyes like pools of sweeten wine

Her concern I could feel.

 “Do YOU believe?” I asked her

As her tears I tried to stem

“Yes,” she said,”but my friends say 

That my belief will go away

And very soon will come the day I’ll not believe – like them.”  

“Well, I believe in fairies

I see them all around.

 I see them in the garden flowers

Treetops, mountains, Summer showers

Winter, Autumn and Spring bowers

Sky and sea and ground.  

For fairies can be everywhere

They’re in our souls and mind

The world has wonderous things to share

If only we can see them there  

And hold them in our hearts and dare

Their beauty for us to find.


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