Honoring your True Feelings – A Message from the Fairies

The message that the Fairies sent out is “Honor your True Feelings”. We all have an inner guide, inner counselor, inner voice if you please; now this voice always talks to us however there are times when we try to rationalize what we actually hear and alter or take our decisions as per that. More often than not that decision ends up being “Penny wise-Pound Foolish” as the more we disregard this inner voice, the more we move away from who we really are. The mirror starts reflecting the person we have created as opposed to the person we really are.

The Fairies today urge us to pay attention to our inner guide; messages could be a strong physical reaction like anxiety, weak stomach, headache, recurring aches and pains in the body, insomnia etc or a strong urge (Gut feeling) to do something like calling someone or not, going somewhere or not, changing a career or a job…oh! it could be anything. What is important is today they want to remind us of the inner compass and guide who is born with us and is always there with us.

They say if you are unclear about which feelings to trust or which emotions are stirring inside you, take a pen and paper and write down everything that you are experiencing as this will give you clarity about it. The inner voice is not the voice of our ego and the clear distinction is when you receive the messages you will feel safe and good about yourself and everyone involved in that decision.

If you feel scared, you can ask them to help you move in the right direction.

“We are loved and always protected, you need only to believe”


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