Celebrate Yourself

Let this time be about you. You have to know that when and only when you actually Love and Approve of yourself would you ever be able to love someone else truly or create healthy and happy realities for yourself.

We often find ourselves repeatedly in situations that we don’t like to be in…..it could be in a situation where people take credit for our work or simply be critical of us or something else on similar lines; we fail to understand why this keeps happening….however if we look closely we will realize that we are creating this pattern and somewhere deep we have either not given enough respect to ourselves, we don’t think we are actually worthy of being appreciated or we ourselves are our biggest critiques. Once we understand that what we term as a reality is actually just a reflection of who we are within and what we actually believe in. We cannot see something or identify with something unless a part of that exists in us.

If we see something that doesn’t exist within us, it will never create an impact on our lives………infact it will be like movie which we see but we do not relate to.

So today, stop…take a break and ask yourself…what do you want others to think of you and how would you like them to behave with you….and then do that to yourself….appreciate yourself for who you are, look into the mirror and tell yourself that “You deserve it, You rocked it” tell yourself how proud you are of all the efforts that you put in and most importantly Give Yourself A BEAR HUG 🙂

Love and Light


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