From Fear to Faith


I have learnt that at times no matter how hard I try to reign in my mind…it will run with fear instead of faith…….and I have also learnt that it is ok…………we need to feel our fears completely before we can say “You do not control me anymore, I release you” and in that moment we take our power back and actually release ourselves. It is during times of extreme duress that we are truly scared and it is also during times of extreme duress that we witness our true strengths………our true selves………….when we don ‘t have an option but to look into the mirror and see the fear in our eyes; it is in that moment that we know that only we can do something about it. These are the moments when a mother can lift the VAN off of her child…….these are the moments which connects us to our true selves. Every fear has the potential to paralyse us and every fear also has the potential to point us towards our true strengths……..We just need to allow it to happen………we are hardwired to feel Fear however we choose to witness and acknowledge our Strengths.

When we operate out of fear or obligation, we live a made up life, a life where our true worth is measured against how good an actor we are……….and when we hide behind our fears we are doing exactly the same thing. There is this scream which is locked inside us……..which wants us to scream out loud and declare “don’t be afraid of a little bit of pain….pleasure is on the other side” and I bet that every one of us has experienced at least one such situation in life where we faced our fears and said “You do not control me anymore, I release you now” and that moment is when the struggle ends and when the caterpillar turns into the butterfly.

It is ok to be afraid as long as you face your fears and then release them…….to live without fear is DIVINE ❤



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