Power of Thoughts

When I first started to understand the phenomenon of Thought Energy / Thought Projection, I had an absolutely crazy-weird time experimenting with it. Well largely the experiments revolved around me trying to prove that thoughts do have a vibration which attracts similar vibrational realities to our immediate present (and my friends trying to prove that I have gone cuckoo). Of course my initial years were fraught with conflicts in understanding the true nature of thought projection………I would only count my conscious thoughts as acceptable and completely discount my mental (non-conscious) thought exchange and therefore could not for the love of God understand the mixed results.Today, I am pleased to say that I have crossed this proverbial bridge. 

Each thought has a frequency whether it is a conscious thought or our subconscious thought; our most dominant thoughts create our realities as they attach to similar frequencies in the Universe.. To give you an analogy….while wanting to reach somewhere on time, if our subconscious thought is OH! God I am going to get late…then that reality is created. What happens more often than not is we tend to think more about what we do not want as opposed to what we do want and then we feel helpless as to why we get more of what we do not want.

In my line of work I often meet people who are sceptical about the idea that they are creating their own realities every second of every day by projecting their thoughts into the Universe. While I agree that this Universe is expanding at a phenomenal rate, I also am acutely aware that every human being is on their own journey and while curiosity has certainly set in, we have a fair few miles (hundreds to be more specific) to go before the Humankind as a whole reconciles to their own power of creation through thought projection. Having said that, I would like to add that I am elated that we as a group have taken the first few steps and have no doubts that this beautiful journey will take us to the precipice of quantum growth into the higher dimensions of consciousness as a whole.

I do understand that accepting our creative powers can be extremely daunting as that places our scope of control squarely with us and therefore eliminates all avenues of imparting blame elsewhere. Since I have taken this journey into self and still am on this journey….I do empathize with people when they are unable to accept their true powers as creators. It is ironical that with the power struggle actually being the focal point of this world today, we are so reluctant to claim our own powers. I guess the comfort of the familiar is what stops us to transcend this self-imposed idea that there is someone out there who directs our life. While I am absolutely in awe of the Higher Power or Source or God, I also believe that it is our journey to make; this journey which contributes to the overall expansion of this Universe therefore setting in motion the expansion of the parallel universes.

I think that each individual is on this journey; we all have the same destination and each one of us will set our own pace. A lot of us have already accessed higher dimensions of consciousness and are working with this collective energy to help move everybody to these dimensions. The good news is that because of these efforts and their impact on the collective consciousness of Humanity, we have already set in motion the shift in consciousness and as more and more of us walk this path….this energy will build itself into a crescendo which will propel our earth and universe to the next higher level of consciousness.

Our Thoughts become things hence the sooner we become aware of this phenomenon, the quicker we will be able to create realities which we actually want; we will stop thinking within the zone of limitations and break into the zone of possibilities.

If you are reading this today then either you already are on this journey or you are becoming acutely aware that you are going to start a new journey; either way I wish you Love and Light and I can assure you that you will be guided and supported on this journey.

Smiles and Light my friend!


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