The Journey from Darkness to Light….!!!

Well this post has taken me forever to write and I guess I sort of know why!! Everytime I sat down to finish it I somehow felt that I am not going to be able to do justice, I mean the proverbial Darkness has sooooo many shades and intensity levels and I felt truly at a loss of words. I kept thinking why is it becoming such a task and then I had to remind myself to breathe ūüôā and just go with the flow…I mean isn’t that the whole point… just let go and pen down what comes to mind!! So here goes….well….my flow of thoughts ūüôā

We all encounter darkness….doesn’t matter when and how. It is probably an essential part of our existence too¬†because our “Journey” is all about moving¬†through the Darkness into Light. So in that respect, I believe Darkness deserves to be written about and explored a little more. There are many textbook definitions about darkness like the most “googled” one is “Darkness, in contrast with brightness, is a relative absence of visible light It is the appearance of black in a color space.” Well no matter how we perceive it, whether as an all-consuming force, a recurring heartache,¬†a blanket of complete desolation or the mere absence of light…we know that Darkness exists.¬†And in a way…it is only in Darkness that we can truly appreciate the Light…isn’t it???

Now that brings me to¬†how I connect to Darkness? In this post, I use it as a metaphor to¬†define the Darkness that dwells in all of us……Anger,¬† Insecurity, Jealousy, Resentment, Hatred,¬† Self-Criticism, Self-Loathing, and most importantly Fear. To me Fear is the absolute darkness because it truly can paralyze us into believing things about¬†ourselves that are so debilitating that it takes quite a while to get ourselves out of it. Now the reason I was so keen to write about Darkness is because I wanted to share¬†what an important part of our journey it is because it is only when we are aware of the Darkness, can we move towards the Light.¬†I am sure that it is a known fact that¬†the longer we have lived¬†with any of the above mentioned emotions, the harder it is to get rid of it; however there is this one more critical aspect…..I have come to speak and work¬†with loads of people through the therapy and counselling sessions or card readings and more often than not it is anger/ fear/ criticism etc¬†for self which is the most destructive of all¬†and the hardest to reconcile with. Even when I assist them through forgiveness sessions, the hardest part is when people have to forgive themselves; I guess that is because to forgive oneself would require us to own up to having made choices which were not (for lack of a better word) “right”. This is where most people stumble as¬†understandably it is easier to deal with the pain if the source is external; it is easier to believe that someone else did¬†“that” to us than believing that¬†our unconscious thoughts brought us to that reality;¬†it takes a lot of love, guidance¬†and gentleness to bring¬†people out of their self-imposed judgements and opinions to help them see the light, to help them see how liberating it is to finally let go of the baggage that¬†they have been carrying with¬†them for so long.¬†It indeed can be more exhausting and challenging than climbing the steepest mountain peaks.

The light is there within us all but the darkest layer (before we reach the light within) is¬†an amalgamation of¬†Self-Anger, Self-Loathing, Self-Criticism and a strong sense of being helpless …..of being a victim. Infact I have come to realize that most part of our journey is about moving away from feeling and behaving like a victim and moving towards accepting our power in creating our lives and making our choices. Only when we become aware of this reality, can we actually move toward healing. I have also seen that the healing process¬†always depends on the person being healed, I mean¬†on the readiness of¬†being healed. Having said that, I also firmly believe that whoever takes this step is always guided and there in lies the very essence of ascension.¬†

We need to¬†understand that our deepest fears often lay unresolved and at times even unrecognised by us and this is where most of our behaviors and patterns of reaction originate from hence¬†few¬†of the most popular statements ever, ” I just don’t know what happened” or “I don’t know, why I behave like that”, or “I just couldn’t understand where that came from”………… sounds familiar???? I bet it does…..happened to me as well. It is always this absolute need to finally get the answers and break the “jinx” which prods us…pushes us¬†toward the Light……….

One can write pages about this and someday I will……………for today I guess I just want to impress upon you the fact that it is alright if everything seems dark and desolate right now………….it is always the darkest before that first ray of Sun shines through…shattering the illusion of doom….all you gotta do is believe in the Sun

Even the world’s darkest, dreariest, longest tunnel ends and you can see the light…………….what matters is are you ready to keep on walking and moving ahead or you going to be caught up in the darkness of the past….after all in journey are the lessons…we cannot learn new things by being¬†stagnant¬†‚̧




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  1. Hiten
    Jun 14, 2012 @ 04:49:54

    Neat enough ūüôā I totally agree with everything especially the part where you mentioned that we all feel like a victim.
    What happens when we are not able to forgive someone and unable to trust them again …after seemingly moving on ?


  2. Rumi
    Jun 14, 2012 @ 07:06:31

    Hey Hiten,
    If we move on superficially without allowing healing to take place then we are actually stuck………….that is what usually happens. We move on albeit with the emotions of hurt, betrayal, helplessness etc and because of these residual emotions we cannot seem to forgive or trust the person again nor can we feel happy about moving on.

    We’ll talk more when you call up ūüôā


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