Holistic Services

  • Angel Oracle Card Reading

Angels are messengers of God; through this reading we receive answers and guidance from the Angels for our situations or questions.

Rs: 1000 per reading (45 mins)

  • Angel Healing & Therapy

Angels are pure energy hence pure love; they send messages through reading or during meditation to help us release patterns which create unhealthy situations. This involves reading the energy of the Client and connecting to the Angelic guidance to provide healing. Includes a card reading and a guided meditation session.

Rs. 2000 per session (1 hour)

  • Energy Healing

As beings of energy, we absorb all types of energy around us and these can manifest as anxiety, stress, ailments, aches, pains etc. “Energy healing” helps by cleaning the energy fields thereby strengthening the energy matrix. It involves guided meditation and /or Intuitive Reiki and /or Acupressure. It depends on what the Client resonates with.

Rs 2000 per session (1 hour) /No. of Sessions: Depends on the depth of healing needed.

  • Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression therapy resolves deep-seated issues or beliefs. It involves Hypnosis (Deep state of Relaxation) to help the Client remember strands of memories or experiences which are then assimilated and resolved thereby providing clarity.

Rs 4000 per session (2 hours) No. of sessions: Depends on how deep-seated the issues are and how the Client progresses.

  • NLP Timeline Therapy

NLP Timeline Therapy utilizes a person’s own internal “TimeLine” to work with their unconscious minds in a variety of ways; including, healing emotional traumas and eradicating unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviors. The Time Line Therapy techniques allow you to work at the unconscious level and release the effects of past negative experiences and change “inappropriate” programming. It involves deep state of relaxation (Hypnosis).

Rs. 4000 per session (2 hours) / No. of sessions: Depends on how complex the past programming is.

  • NLP Coaching

Emotional Balance and a Positive Mind Map is what creates a fulfilling life both personally and professionally. NLP Coaching uses NLP techniques to create this state and also maintain it. More often than not, we find ourselves stuck in the same pattern professionally, with marginal or no improvement. NLP coaching gives you practical and sustainable solutions. NLP Coaching involves various techniques and exercises however what the Client needs will be decided during the first session.

Rs 2000 per session (1 hour)

  • Relationship Counseling

Every relationship (Marriage, Friendship, Parent & Child and Siblings) has its own distinctive pattern hence challenges. A detached understanding of it using Higher Consciousness guidance helps resolve conflicting situations and provides practical solutions which are effective. This includes NLP techniques along with Intuitive and Energy reading. NLP techniques helps the client to access, release and assimilate old patterns and beliefs  which create unhealthy and counter-productive patterns.

Rs 2000 per session (1 hour) For Couple Sessions and Packages, please contact me.

  • Chakra Cleansing

We are today surrounded by an environment which is electromagnetically charged, filled with pollution and toxins of all sorts. This throws our Chakrik system in disarray. Cleansing the Chakras boosts our immunity both physical and emotional.

  • Chakra Balancing

The next step in Chakrik Alignment is to balance our Chakras to completely allow the inner energy to flow with being blocked.

Rs 2000 per session (1 hour) for the Chakra Cleansing and Balancing/ No. of Sessions: Depends on the current Chakrik system.

  • Inner Child Work

Most of our Adult life patterns and events are directly related to our Inner Child and how it feels. Accessing this connection and healing the Inner Child Trauma brings about immediate release of unhealthy patterns thereby significantly improving our present life conditions.

Rs 2500 per session (1 Hour) No. of Sessions: Depends on how the Client opens up to access the Inner Child and how traumatic the issues are

  • Meditation & Chanting

Meditation can be done individually or in groups with or without Chanting (you will need to create a group) Rs 1000/- per session (45 mins) Note: For Chakra Chants and Theta Level Meditation, please contact me.

  • Stress Management

More often than not Stress is a thought pattern which can be changed to create more productive thought patterns. Using “hands on healing” coupled with NLP techniques; stress can be effectively managed.

Rs 1500 per session (1 hour) / No. of Sessions: Depends on how deep the thought patterns go

  • Anger Management

Anger is a cover; it covers up the real reason for the discomfort. Intuitive Healing and NLP techniques help in finding the root cause of discomfort which gives birth to Anger thus enabling you in managing in effectively.

Rs 1500 per session (1 hour) / No. of Sessions: Depends on how deep the roots go in the belief system and how intense the present situation is.

Note: Rates for Packages and Long Distance programs will be different, request you to contact me to know the details.

Please note that Energy Work is not a substitute for conventional medicine.


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