Angel Guidance – Thought for the Day

If you have been feeling low and sad, if you have been feeling drained out of vital energy, it is time for a spot of acknowledgement and appreciation by none other than the most important person in your life; the person who actually creates your realities. YOU

Say to yourself:

I pat myself on the back and congratulate myself for all that I’ve done. I deserve praise, because even if my sights are set on climbing higher mountains, it’s important for me to acknowledge how far I’ve come. I thank myself for getting through the tough time and enjoying the easy ones.

I know of people who will find doing something like this utterly ridiculous and pointless however what drives them is their own fears to face themselves. You know why is it easy to stay stuck in the old patterns of self-criticism and rebellion because it helps us stay comfortable in familiar zones (not happy) and to have a reason to feel that we are fighting for something. People want to fit-in in a society where struggle seems to be the way to be…..I have often heard in gatherings and parties…people tend to talk about how difficult their life is, how Mondays are the worst days of the week and how fatigued and tired they are because they have such difficult jobs and lives, how no matter how much they do, it is never enough. What they don’t understand is, everytime they say any of these statements, these statements act as affirmations which work towards creating the exact reality for them!! It is unfortunate that people do not understand the power of thoughts…they talk about self-fulfilling prophecies however they do not pay attention to their own prophecies.

Today the Angels want us to know that with every word and thought that we use and have, we are altering our realities, creating new realities so it is important that we choose them carefully. Also they want us to specifically be aware of the light within us, they want us to appreciate ourselves and be grateful for all the blessings we have in our lives; gratitude is the sure shot way to attract more good in our lives. Today, let us not focus on how hard the work that we do is, instead let us focus on the wonderful work we do….let us be thankful for being well and alive today, for having enough to eat, for the house that we stay in, for the friends we have, for the clothes and shoes we have, for our families and for the support that the Universe constantly gives us.

Be Grateful and Be Appreciative


Honoring your True Feelings – A Message from the Fairies

The message that the Fairies sent out is “Honor your True Feelings”. We all have an inner guide, inner counselor, inner voice if you please; now this voice always talks to us however there are times when we try to rationalize what we actually hear and alter or take our decisions as per that. More often than not that decision ends up being “Penny wise-Pound Foolish” as the more we disregard this inner voice, the more we move away from who we really are. The mirror starts reflecting the person we have created as opposed to the person we really are.

The Fairies today urge us to pay attention to our inner guide; messages could be a strong physical reaction like anxiety, weak stomach, headache, recurring aches and pains in the body, insomnia etc or a strong urge (Gut feeling) to do something like calling someone or not, going somewhere or not, changing a career or a job…oh! it could be anything. What is important is today they want to remind us of the inner compass and guide who is born with us and is always there with us.

They say if you are unclear about which feelings to trust or which emotions are stirring inside you, take a pen and paper and write down everything that you are experiencing as this will give you clarity about it. The inner voice is not the voice of our ego and the clear distinction is when you receive the messages you will feel safe and good about yourself and everyone involved in that decision.

If you feel scared, you can ask them to help you move in the right direction.

“We are loved and always protected, you need only to believe”

A beautiful poem


by Liza Fox


“Do you believe in fairies?”

“Do you believe they’re real?”

My little girl placed her hand in mine

Looking up through lashes fine

Her eyes like pools of sweeten wine

Her concern I could feel.

 “Do YOU believe?” I asked her

As her tears I tried to stem

“Yes,” she said,”but my friends say 

That my belief will go away

And very soon will come the day I’ll not believe – like them.”  

“Well, I believe in fairies

I see them all around.

 I see them in the garden flowers

Treetops, mountains, Summer showers

Winter, Autumn and Spring bowers

Sky and sea and ground.  

For fairies can be everywhere

They’re in our souls and mind

The world has wonderous things to share

If only we can see them there  

And hold them in our hearts and dare

Their beauty for us to find.