The Simplicity of being a Child!!!

Simplicity of being a child……….a thought that has often crossed my mind especially in the last few days. As I observed my 2-year-old nephew, I came to realize even more poignantly the faith…the absolute Faith that a child never seems to be without. Whether they are in a room or outside or in a moving car……..they just Believe that there will always be someone to hold them if there were to be a likely fall. Even after a fall, a child will never get scared to walk again or run or go out to play. No matter how vicious the fight, the next morning a Child again goes looking out for that friend; after getting scolded by a parent, a child still loves them. No matter how little or how much they have….they share because they want to and this desire is not fuelled by duty or righteousness…………… is just their heart’s desire. They believe in Fairies and Angels, in beautiful worlds filled with absolutely gorgeous realities, they wonder how a bud turns into a flower, they believe in the man on the moon. 

 They don’t know how to hold a grudge or how to stop smiling.  They are the epitome of unconditional love….they just will avoid a person if they don’t feel comfortable….they do not slander a person if they don’t somehow gel with them. They just trust their instincts and allow their bodies to tell them when to expect what. They are so open about what they like and do not like….they just don’t have the understanding of Judgement…..hence they are completely themselves where-ever they are. The curiosity and inquisitiveness which is so innate to them is what propels them to try new things without fear, they do not have even an inkling of what is it to suppress. They don’t get scared of being labeled as dumb or foolish if they don’t know something. They are just Pure Beings of Love and happy to BE.

Why is it then that we destroy this beauty and innocence of a child to turn them into people who are competitive yet never satisfied….want to earn more yet never have the time to enjoy that………..want to love yet somehow forget how………..want to cry yet get scared of the labels…..want to learn new things and explore new places yet suppress these feelings……want to play yet don’t have the time………want to call their friend yet think too much about losing the fight………judge people basis what they can do for them……stop listening to the voice of their souls…………..lose their Faith….and ultimately forget how to be happy…..and thus starts their journey to look within themselves and to go looking for Happiness….something they were born with.

The good news is that today more people than ever before are working towards ensuring that the kid in us….stays there…happy and healthy. It ain’t wrong to grow up and learn what we are meant to learn on our journey on this planet, I mean after all we choose to be born to learn lessons and progress on our soul journey but who says we cannot keep the child within us to help us on this journey and trust me it is possible….we might get hurt or disappointed on this journey but we will always have the child in us to help us smile, get up and walk again or may be Run….who knows….after all then we will have our Faith in Miracles right where it should be…………in our hearts 🙂

If you are looking for inspiration, look at some of your baby photographs because all you need you will find there………….you will find the True You….Fearless and Free….ready to just BE


Too Cute Not to Share..!!!!!

Oh!!! How soooweeet…..just had to share 😀

The simplicity of being a baby….no judgements…..the whole world is safe and filled with fun and joy 🙂

How a baby always knows how to melt a heart by just sharing that infinite love they always seem to have within

Some pics which always….always make me believe in the innocence and joy of connecting with my Inner Child and celebrating her

Inner Child

Ever wondered, “Why is it that I keep attracting exactly the kind of people in my life that I cannot stand”  or “Why is it that I cannot seem to be doing anything right” or some such feeling….well actually it’s time to wake up and well do smell the coffee by all means HOWEVER  more importantly please look into the mirror. I say this gently because when I started my journey into expansion, I also came to this stage where I had to look within because all that was around just stopped making any sense. All answers felt half-baked or totally off the charts…I mean how is it possible that everytime a certain kind of people or events are picked to present themselves conveniently (not so for me) in my life like clockwork. No matter how hard I tried to make sense of it, well sense became the proverbial “lost cause” till I came across this lady who said….”Well have you thought that you attract these people and events into your life” and even though it felt like a bulldozer flattened me out..something inside me said….”Well, it has to be that…isn’t it..I meant how else could they be programmed to happen so precisely?” so some long years ago…..I started my journey……I have to tell you folks that the initial shock is the hardest to take………..As I completely believe that there are no accidents, if you are reading this today…it is because you are ready to start your journey of changing your life and actually understanding your power of creating every event in your life.

We all have this inner child inside of us who actually impacts or rather creates all events of our Adult life. If we have grown up feeling criticised or controlled too much then we will attract people who will continue to criticize us or control us. It is because in this case we create a belief that we are not good enough or intelligent enough to make our own decisions hence we attract situations or people who create exactly this reality. Please understand that at an intellectual level we might be blissfully unaware of this phenomenon. We might have a fair share of animosity against such situations or people however it is like being trapped in a vicious circle till we realize that WE HAVE THE POWER to actually change this painful reality.

The funny part is that even our defense mechanisms are actually created like this; we create the facades of anger or create shells because somewhere while growing up we found out that works for us in some way to escape a harsh word or a particularly unwelcome scenario. So next time when we are faced with a similar situations, our body goes into an auto-pilot mode and creates a reality which is familiar to our inner child and which is safe…well pseudo safe.

Once we understand the deep inherent connection between the current state of our life and the state of our inner child….we can start working on improving that relationship.

Once you come to this stage, I will recommend you to work with a guide or an Inner Child Counselor as sometimes the memories can be traumatic or disturbing to an extent that it becomes difficult to work on it by yourself.

One thing that I can tell you is when you start connecting with your Inner Child, life would be more beautiful than it is now.

Just to start you off…..everyday spend a little time to close your eyes, connect to that child within and tell that child all…literally everything that you’ve ever wanted to hear………shower her/him with all the praise, love, approval and appreciation………….and even if you cannot connect immediately with your Inner Child right away….trust me it’s ok….it’s your intent which will do the trick.

Just tell that beautiful child inside of you who is actually “YOU”…………I love and Approve of “YOU”………………

Happy days all of you ❤ !!

Love and Light

Celebrate Yourself

Let this time be about you. You have to know that when and only when you actually Love and Approve of yourself would you ever be able to love someone else truly or create healthy and happy realities for yourself.

We often find ourselves repeatedly in situations that we don’t like to be in… could be in a situation where people take credit for our work or simply be critical of us or something else on similar lines; we fail to understand why this keeps happening….however if we look closely we will realize that we are creating this pattern and somewhere deep we have either not given enough respect to ourselves, we don’t think we are actually worthy of being appreciated or we ourselves are our biggest critiques. Once we understand that what we term as a reality is actually just a reflection of who we are within and what we actually believe in. We cannot see something or identify with something unless a part of that exists in us.

If we see something that doesn’t exist within us, it will never create an impact on our lives………infact it will be like movie which we see but we do not relate to.

So today, stop…take a break and ask yourself…what do you want others to think of you and how would you like them to behave with you….and then do that to yourself….appreciate yourself for who you are, look into the mirror and tell yourself that “You deserve it, You rocked it” tell yourself how proud you are of all the efforts that you put in and most importantly Give Yourself A BEAR HUG 🙂

Love and Light

Inner Child

The Fairies want you to pay attention to your Inner Child. There is a colossal focus on healing the Inner Child today as the world has come to realise that most of who we are or what we go through is directly proportionate to the health and emotional balance of our Inner Child. A very clear message that came forth is about being patient with yourself as we are usually the most critical about ourselves; it is time to STOP and give yourself the much deserved HUG and some appreciation. Don’t forget to tell yourself that you are a Divine and Loved child of God. 🙂

If you are at a place where you are feeling unappreciated or uncared for, it is because you have been treating your inner child in the same way. We talk about happiness….well it comes from within…and it is an undisputable fact that when we are truly happy, we are more productive and filled with more creative ideas. So take some time out to let that child within have some fun……you can simply go for a walk on the beach and play in the water or go to the gaming zone and play your favorite game or just crack on with telling silly pj’s………….whatever it takes to truly HAVE FUN. Just knock yourself out.

How many times have we heard people say….You are as old as you think you are…….and well if you care for the child within…all your fears and complications will start to disappear and you will find that ever elusive “True Happiness” within sight..!!!

Today the Fairies want you to spend time with your Inner Child; appreciate yourself more and just let go, play and have some fun 🙂